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À propos de nous

Intégrité, Sécurité et Performance au service de vos affaires

DB LINKS CONSULTING is an enterprise founded by a team of professionals having over twelve years of experience in the fields of business administration, global marketing and information technology.

The founding partners and associates are committed to honor three core values that embody the company’s mission statement;

« Integrity, Security and Performance: Your gateway to success »

DB LINKS CONSULTING is on a mission to offer innovative business solutions while consolidating its competitive status and gaining recognition on the national and international markets.

DB LINKS CONSULTING offers professional services in the fields of systems design & architecture, database administration, middleware information technology, business intelligence, security and global marketing.

Why choose us ?

  • We have a culture of integrity and respect for our customers.
  • Our career paths and successes in large companies enhance our product and make our offer flexible.
  • We offer the expertise and talent of a large firm at a reasonable price.
  • We have a culture of integrity and respect for our customers.